The idea is pretty simple – sell honey we are prepared to buy and eat ourselves – honey we put on our own table. That’s why we’re prepared to put our own faces on the label – so meet John, Frank and Dave. You’ll see these guys on the supermarket shelf from time to time, depending on who has what honey available.


That’s simple; we are a bunch of Beekeepers, selling our own honey!!!

The company itself, Australian Beekeepers Direct, is the brainchild of Kieren Sunderland. He got the idea one day, not sitting on the bush dunny, but as good as, after having yet another conversation with a fellow beekeeper about the state of the honey industry in Australia.

"I was sick of having the same conversation with fellow beekeepers about the same old things – how consumers were drifting away from honey, and the main reason was pretty simple and understandable – consumers weren’t getting the best honey served up to them, I know, I wouldn’t buy it myself, not when I know what the really good stuff we get straight out of the hives tastes like. But once the honey left us, we had no control over what happen to it, it would end up somewhere in a blended product on the supermarket shelf, having lost so much of its character and flavour.

Anybody I spoke to just confirmed this – we’d give them our honey to taste and we’d always get the same response – why doesn’t supermarket honey taste like this? .
Not everyone can get to a growers’ market or out into the country to buy honey directly from us, so I thought why not bring the growers’ market into the supermarket itself? Give consumers the chance to buy the same honey they’d buy if they met us at a farmers’ market but make it easy for them to do it on a daily basis when they’re picking up their groceries from the supermarket.


Kieren Sunderland